How can we connect and communicate with one another when we cannot meet face to face? How can we continue to
study and learning in times of crisis? Can we meet in grief? Can we meet in solidarity and mutual care to
continue sharing knowledge? How do we connect our struggles when we cant meet on the streets? How can we
propose non-hierarchical learning structures using online formats?

We resurrect and transform a new space for learning shared and inspired by the Fakultat Null initiative of the
FK and Interflugs generation in 2006-2011 to fit our current sociological landscape. Given the circumstances
due to the COVID-19 pandemic in which we are all affected by strict isolation regulations, Interflugs is currently
unable to offer the community its regular services and Freie Klasse cannot physically provide the
workshop / seminar program it normally would.

Adapting to alternative ways of organizing and learning, we offer Fakultat Null as a platform to host learning,
exchanging of knowledge, art practices and workflows. We are very open to all ideas that students and their outside
communities have for engaging with us through content creative or whatever your heart may sweetly desire!

please write us at with questions or for further information